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How to Plan Bachelors and Engagement Party for UAE Expats

The wedding season is here. Finally, the lockdown restrictions are relaxing, and the world is going towards the new normal. Most couples get married during the pandemic, but patients are now celebrating their special moments. Planning a wedding can be scary sometimes. If you are the best man, you must plan a bachelor party for the groom to be. Challenges While Planning Wedding, Bachelors and Engagement Parties Starting from clothes, jewellery, make-up artists, venue, and most importantly, the bachelor’s party. Throwing a bachelors or bachelorette party is a must,...

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Plan Your Bachelor Party in Georgia – The Best Destination of All Time

If you are a UAE resident and getting married this year, then a bachelor party must definitely be on your list. Planning a bachelor party is definitely a task and takes time. Although many of your friends might help you organize a bachelor party you should not be missing some of the most incredible destinations. Georgia is one of the best destinations for bachelor parties, and to most, it gives lifetime memories. Many people in the UAE are planning to get married this year, especially those who waited for the whole lockdown to have their special moment. In this blog, let us discuss some...

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Why is Georgia the ultimate bachelor party destination for Dubai residents

Almost 8.5 million expats call the UAE their home in 2021. Many of them eventually plan to settle and get married. To celebrate this happy occasion, the groom’s buddy or brother normally plans the stag night, with the help of a bachelor party planners. A bachelor party (in the United States and Canada), also known as a stag weekend, stag do, or stag party (in the United Kingdom, Commonwealth nations, and Ireland), or a buck’s night (in Australia), is a party hosted or organized by the man who is about to marry. In this article we shed light on what the laws in the UAE state...

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The UAE new laws issuance changes a portion of its family laws. The new laws will without a doubt make it simple for multicultural unmarried occupants to cohabitate. It’s critical to remember that these laws are taking effect immediately. It permits unmarried couples to share a home lawfully. Moreover; it decriminalizes non-marital partnerships and states that any kid born as a result of such a connection shall be recognized and cared for. Read this article to learn why Georgia is the best place to get have a bachelorette and get married even with the new laws. The Effects of UAE...

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Coronavirus bachelor & hen party in Georgia guide

Yeah, we know. The infamous Coronavirus ruined all our plans. But when there is a will, there is a way, isn’t it? Is the pandemic actually a reason to cancel your last night of freedom celebration? Not really. Especially knowing that Georgia is just about to open its borders for the tourists. The official announced date is July 31st! Top 5 tips on celebrating your bachelor and bachelorette party in Georgia during the Coronavirus pandemic 1. Keep your stag-do and hen-do small The ideal number of people would be below 10. In most of the countries, including Georgia, gatherings of more...

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Still doubting if Georgia is your best bachelor and bachelorette party destination?

Check the rankings below. Numbers speak for themselves. The fourth safest country in the world in 2020 according to the International Crime Index.Top emerging destination on the planet for 2020 and number one overall in Europe according to the Travel Lemming. The third European Best Destinations (EBD) 2020 award by Forbes.Visa free entry or e-visa for 160 countries out of 195 in total according to Wikipedia.

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