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Party package



A little party never killed nobody. Want to celebrate but not a big fan of clubbing scene? Sorted!

Packages includes:

  • Winery warm up
  • Pub crawl
  • Dinner

    Hanging out with your buddies exclusively and not having your significant other around sounds tempting! Yes we know you love her. But we also know that boys like to engage in conversations with no filters. You can talk about all the boring (in her opinion stuff) or even about ex-girlfriends without being scared to hurt or offend her. And that famous Georgian wine will keep the conversation flowing.

    Just imagine you can sip on that awesome wine with your girlfriends and talk about anything! About the make up and hair and babies and shopping and nobody is going to roll eyes on you calling it boring! Moreover you can gossip all you want about that ex of yours who is probably crying because you are about to marry the best man in the world!
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A middle ground is really hard to find sometimes. Well not for us! This package is just a perfect combination of fun activities that are not too boring but also not too hardcore.

Package includes:

  • Winery warm up
  • Dinner
  • Casino
  • Pub crawl 

    Get your testosterone pumping. Test your physical abilities and your mental fortitude. Show off your masculinity. We know that guys love being challenged and here is your chance to have some crazy fun!


    They say challenging yourself is mens’ prerogative. We say leave your cliches in the stone age! Girls would even hunt a mammoth by themselves nowadays. They are strong and confident and want to do crazy things too! What are you waiting for? You don’t need anybody’s permission!
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Work hard but play harder! This package is for you, dear party animals. You’ll have on your plate everything you have ever seen in a movies. Bring the crazy party on! Drink responsibly though. The morning–after hangover is a real thing!

Packages includes

  •  Winery warm up
  • Dinner Casino
  • Pub crawl
  • VIP club Strippers
  • Limo

    Society always makes men feel like they have to act all responsible and mature. Well we have some great news for you! You can forget about it for a weekend! Get your buddies together and be whoever you really want to be! Crazy, bold and fearless!


    Yes there will be that hot ripped guy giving you a sexy lap dance. There will be that giant stretched limo to escort you to all the fun places. You will be a star of the night. That’s the hen party most girls are dreaming about! And you’ve got a chance to live this dream.
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choose your way of having fun

Available activities


Yes, you got it right! You’ll get to experience one of the craziest adventures in the world and drive a real Soviet tank! 


It feels like a suicide a the beginning. But don’t worry, you’ll be just fine. After all to be able to fly one has to run towards a certain death. But as soon as you jump off that cliff you are free. “I believe I can fly” said R.Kelly and so can you!

Shooting range

The right place to make yourself feel like James Bond. Or like some badass criminal an a run. Shooting a handgun at a target is a thrill! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


The excitement of crashing through waves and being bucked in the air will give you an instant adrenaline rush! And the beautiful sceneries of Georgian rivers will make this experience even more pleasant.

Airsoft game

If you are a big fun of Counter Strike-like games you need to try this one out! Take your favorite game to reality and become one of its characters on a real combat field.

Smash the car

Oh it feels good! To release your inner beast and get your testosterone pumping! You can’t smash your boss’s brand new Range Rover of course but with a little bit of imagination it can be just as exciting with any other car!

Delicious Georgian cuisine

Georgian food and cuisine is a rich interplay between Mediterranean and Middle Eastern tastes. And it’s definitely a must try! You should treat your taste buds with unbelievably satisfying meals prepared by locals.

Wine therapy

Georgia is famous for its’ wine and vineyards. But who said you can only drink it? Have you ever tried a wine bath? You are missing out!

Private limo party

The core of every bachelor and hen party idea. Fancy car, champagne and of course a very sexy personal bartender. There is a reason they call it an “evening of debauchery”.


Gambling is fun! Just make sure you are making bets with chips – not your wedding ring!

Private dance

Have you ever seen “Magic Mike”? Then you know what you are signing up for! Come on we know you like it. And guys, don’t worry, your female dancers will be twice as hot.


Wine tasting

If you haven’t tried Georgian wine you don’t know how good wine tastes! The country is often acknowledged as the ‘Cradle of Wine’ and its product popular all over the world. And it’s not surprising! First wines there were produced more that 8000 years ago! They definitely had a lot of time to hone the winemaking skill.

Pub crawl

No wonders they call it “crawl”. Do you know how much is a pint of beer in Georgia? Less than 5 AED! Fair warning: cheap beers can quickly get you from walking to crawling. You have nothing to worry about though, we’ll get you a local guide to make sure you are safe and sound.


Whether you choose a short traditional massage session or something as fancy as chocolate massage – it’s a win. We can list all the reasons to get one but you know that it just feels so undeniably good that it’s hard to resist it.

Thermal bath

Georgia is rich for sulfur hot springs. The mineral waters have precious therapeutic properties and are just pleasantly delightful providing a warmly relaxing experience. And having a private room with your very own mineral water pool takes this experience to another level!

Fancy SPA

The mountain landscapes in Georgia are just stunning. The beautiful virgin forest, valleys, rivers and lakes – isn’t it a heaven on Earth? And a full fancy SPA experience makes this place even more heavenly.

VIP club

Party like a celebrity. Skip the queues, get the best table and the best service. You are a VIP for a night.

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Psychologists say that celebrating something is one of the best stress reliefs. We are not sure if they meant partying but celebrations come in all shapes and sizes and a good party is definitely a massive one. So why not to follow their advice?
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