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How to Plan Bachelors and Engagement Party for UAE expats

How to Plan Bachelors and Engagement Party for UAE Expats

The wedding season is here. Finally, the lockdown restrictions are relaxing, and the world is going towards the new normal. Most couples get married during the pandemic, but patients are now celebrating their special moments. Planning a wedding can be scary sometimes. If you are the best man, you must plan a bachelor party for the groom to be.

Challenges While Planning Wedding, Bachelors and Engagement Parties

Starting from clothes, jewellery, make-up artists, venue, and most importantly, the bachelor’s party. Throwing a bachelors or bachelorette party is a must, no matter which part of the world you belong to. But planning a bachelor and engagement party together, quite a tedious task, right?

Most wedding planners get busy during this time of the year. Wedding planners can take care of all your requirements, from hiring the best photographer in the town to booking a lavish venue.

These days people are looking for a wedding planner who can take tasks from their bridal shower to reception. They expect that the package will cover the engagement and bachelor party along with the Big Day celebrations. Planning a bachelor party on their own is a time-consuming task and choosing a location, booking hotels, finding clubs and whatnot. A couple would prefer to hand over these tasks to an expert. The experts are indeed the wedding planner who will take care of everything.

How Wedding Planners Can Help?

However, many wedding planners are ready to offer these services as well. As the influencers say, you need to keep up with the trends. Probably 20 years ago, bachelor parties were not a mandatory tradition while planning a wedding. Today it has become a custom all around the globe, so wedding planners are rapidly adopting the same.

This package is essential, especially for Dubai locals. It is a bit tricky to celebrate bachelor and hen parties in Dubai. Since there are so many restrictions on alcohol consumption and behaviour in public places, couples seek out the destination where they can go wild before the wedding. 

Once they rely on wedding planners, they are stress-free for the rest of the celebrations. Any wedding planner who offers bachelor and engagement parties in wedding planning services will always have the upper hand.

It helps both the couple and wedding planner customize their package and have the best of it.

So here are some tips for both before you plan the Big Day celebration.

Things to Remember: Couple and Wedding Planners

For Couple: If you wish to hire a wedding planner, make sure you set your expectations. Also, be specific about what services you want to add. For example, if you are a bride and want a bachelor party in their services, choose to plan your bridal shower. It gives wedding planners a clear idea for further planning and arrangements. 

For Wedding Planner: Adding Bachelor Party, Engagement Party, or any other specific popular function today will give you an upper hand over your competition. Ensure that you understand the laws and regulations in whichever location you choose to go with your team. It is essential to notify the couple about all the requirements and customize the package accordingly.  

If you are planning to throw a bachelor party this year, plan everything carefully. Visit to get more help for all your celebrations. 

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