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Coronavirus bachelor & hen party in Georgia guide

Yeah, we know. The infamous Coronavirus ruined all our plans. But when there is a will, there is a way, isn’t it? Is the pandemic actually a reason to cancel your last night of freedom celebration? Not really. Especially knowing that Georgia is just about to open its borders for the tourists. The official announced date is July 31st!

Top 5 tips on celebrating your bachelor and bachelorette party in Georgia during the Coronavirus pandemic

1. Keep your stag-do and hen-do small

The ideal number of people would be below 10. In most of the countries, including Georgia, gatherings of more than 10 people are still not allowed anyway.

Plus, look at the bright side. You can invite your closest friends, and for those, you were thinking of inviting just out of courtesy, you already have an excuse – Corona!

2. Forget about the big crowds and keep your groom squad & bride tribe safe

While some night clubs, casinos, and pool parties are slowly reopening, it’s still probably a good idea to avoid big crowds if you are concerned about getting infected. You want your guests to be stress-free, relaxed, and enjoy the party as much as possible.

3. Private bachelor & hen party is your go-to

Renting a villa or an Airbnb flat is the best solution for your party during the quarantine. And your gang fancies outdoors, camping sounds even better. You’ll have your small group only with no intruders, and you can have all the fun in the world!

4. Make your stag & hen night memorable

Put some effort into creating some cool party gear that can set the right mood for your group. Personalized T-shirts, glasses, hats, cups, balloons, or any other kind of decorations will do! Order food and booze delivery in advance, prepare great music, and you are good to go.

5. If you really crave some action for your bachelorette & bachelor party, we have good news!

If you can manage to keep social distancing, it’s still possible to dine out. While a lot of places remain closed in Tbilisi and other Georgian cities, they were officially allowed to open their doors from June. So life is slowly getting back to normal.

Although you should expect tables to be spaced, and to be asked to have a maximum of 6 people per table. Safety first.

Who can actually help you to get married in Georgia during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Embassies and government institutions (such as Tbilisi public hall, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc.) might not be back to normal, but they are certainly back to life and can marry people again.

Not sure how it all is done? There are companies like Easy Wedding Georgia that help UAE residents get their weddings done in Georgia. This sweet startup has been working hard despite the pandemic, preparing their customers and paperwork to fly to Tbilisi on the first flight available.

The pre-wedding paperwork in Dubai has been quite complicated even before the quarantine, and nowadays, with all the restrictions, it became even harder to deal with. While to get married in Georgia you still need your passport only in most cases.

So it’s probably a good idea to wait another few weeks and tie the knot in a beautiful Georgia.

And if you decide to have your bachelor and hen party there, you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Did you cancel your plans because of the Corona? Or do you adjust your life to it? Tell us in the comments!

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