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Coronavirus bachelor & hen party in Georgia guide

Yeah, we know. The infamous Coronavirus ruined all our plans. But when there is a will, there is a way, isn’t it? Is the pandemic actually a reason to cancel your last night of freedom celebration? Not really. Especially knowing that Georgia is just about to open its borders for the tourists. The official announced date is July 31st! Top 5 tips on celebrating your bachelor and bachelorette party in Georgia during the Coronavirus pandemic 1. Keep your stag-do and hen-do small The ideal number of people would be below 10. In most of the countries, including Georgia, gatherings of more...

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Still doubting if Georgia is your best bachelor and bachelorette party destination?

Check the rankings below. Numbers speak for themselves. The fourth safest country in the world in 2020 according to the International Crime Index.Top emerging destination on the planet for 2020 and number one overall in Europe according to the Travel Lemming. The third European Best Destinations (EBD) 2020 award by Forbes.Visa free entry or e-visa for 160 countries out of 195 in total according to Wikipedia.

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When did the very first bachelor or hen party happen?

Have you guys ever wondered when did we even start celebrating the so-called “last night of freedom”? Was it always a thing or is it a new conventional tradition? Today we want to pay a tribute to Rachel Dinning who did her own research about the history of the bachelor and bachelorette parties and categorized it for us. If you thought that we can hold the always looking for new party millennials responsible for the appearance of this tradition, you were wrong. Apparently, the roots of the pre-wedding celebration go all the way back to Ancient Greece! Wow! Now we have a decent...

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