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Why Georgia for your bachelor and hen party?

Famous for its delicious food, hospitable people and breathtaking landscapes Georgia has quickly become one of the most desirable counties to visit. Moreover, in 2020 it has been named as a top emerging travel destination on the planet and number one overall in Europe.

And the GCC residents are among the luckiest ones this time as it only takes 3.5 hours by plane to reach Tbilisi – the capital of this beautiful country.

So what are the other reasons, apart from easy accessibility, that make this country such a piece of cake? And why you should consider Georgia as your bachelor & hen party destination? Let’s dive in!

1. Novelty

When people talk about traveling to Europe, the USA or other parts of the world they know what to expect. Those countries have been well explored and on everybody’s A-list for quite some time. While Georgia is the first former USSR country to open up for other nations. It’s full of soviet relics like old weapons and vehicles. And you can see a trace of the USSR even in the architecture of the country.

That’s why this place can offer some unforgettable and quite unique ways of having fun – whether it’s driving a cool old tank, shooting some real war guns or playing a scavenger game in the building of the old factory and even having a hotel room there!

2. Nightlife scene

Rumors have it that Tbilisi is a new Berlin. Not only the young Georgian crowd knows how to party but they do it so well that it started drawing the attention of international media! The rave culture and electronic music, tons of nightclubs and crazy venues like Bassiani club that has a giant disused swimming pool as its main dance floor – all you need to do is to make a choice and enjoy the night!

3. Legal fun

Believe it or not, but since 2018 marijuana is legal in Georgia. And so are gay bars, casinos and strip bars! So everybody is welcome to be whoever they want to be. However please do note that we advise not to show too much affection and debauchery in public places. Despite the decriminalization of such activities, Georgia is still under a strong influence of the extremely conservativeOrthodox Church. So long story short: have fun but don’t make it too obvious.

4. Drinking game

Georgia is big on drinking. So big that they used to gift a bottle of wine to every guest arriving at the airport right at the passport control. And Georgian wine is amazing. The country is famous for its old vineyards. And while nowadays they only give away a certain number of bottles during the winter holidays, nothing stops you from buying one. 

Oh and don’t forget to try chacha – a local spirit also produced from grapes.

5. Hospitality

There is a common belief that people in post-USSR countries seem grumpy. Well, it certainly doesn’t apply to Georgians. These people make one of the most friendly nations. Many of them, especially the old generation do not speak English however, they will still go out of their way to help you and probably will treat you with a glass of chacha! A guest is a sacred thing in this culture.

6. Nature

Jammed between the black sea and the Caucasus Mountains, this country got lucky enough to have it all – from blue-watered beaches to stunning elevated landscapes. Mountain resorts are in especially high demand there. Surrounded by majestic vistas, fast rivers and incredibly clean lakes these hotels look like a piece of heaven on earth.

7. Prices

We have left the yummiest part of it all for the desert! You will be pleasantly surprised by the fact of how cheap Georgia is! A hotel room in downtown for a 100 AED a night and a pint of beer for less than 5 AED? Easy, that’s the average price! Obviously the fancier you want it to be the more you should be willing to pay, this rule works everywhere and this country is no exception. But Georgian “fancy expensive” is still relatively cheap!

To sum up we can say that Georgia is indeed one remarkable country. And it is definitely a must-go!

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