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How did Easy Bachelor Georgia Started

Not a single crazy story started with “so I was sitting and home watching TV”. And neither did ours.

The founders of the company Flo and Liz went to Georgia to get married and to celebrate their love. Because they did not want a normal bachelor party, they decided to do it over a few days tracking.

The plan was perfect, the place awesome, the outside full with animals, buuuuut …

What a lovely trip it was until the moment they found themselves in the middle of the woods full of bears and realized they didn’t even have any food left to make it back.

Having nothing else, they even tried to make fire using youtube videos -did not work by the way. So they had nothing left than going to rest in a small cabane, alone, in the mountain.

In the middle of the night, the woke up with a sound of crackling branches right next to them. And there was him.

A tall, giant, scary-looking… man. With a knife. In the woods. In the dark. Not sure if it looked any less scary than a bear would have.

But luck was on their side that day. The giant happened to be just a local fellow traveler. He kindly shared his food with them, helped to get out and became a local partner for the business idea Flo and Liz had in their mind for quite some time.

And you guys will have a chance to meet Alex, the bear, once we get your trip planned! He is not scary at all. We promise.

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